A Flairs

For your event to happen, a thorough process is required. We st

arted the contact with the client, 12 months before the event (on average), then we scheduled the tasting and together with the client we defined the cocktail menu that best suits the profile of the event and the g

uests. The big day is approaching and 4 weeks in advance, we started the very detailed planning process for the execution of the event. At this time is started the artisanal production of mixes, customizations, purchase of inputs and separation of the most suitable

trousseau. With the 3D design of the bar made by the designers of the franchisor, we were able to have the precision of the details of the assembly that are extremely important for the service, preparation and deliv

ery of our products and services. Our Casting is highly trained and is able to serve the guests always with a lot of posture and cordiality, a set that is part of the flairs cocktail b

rand culture. We are the largest cocktail chain in Latin America and our mission is to provide our partners, customers and their guests with the best cocktail experience.

Meet some events that the Flairs experience was present

Engagement Thássia Naves & Arthur

TN Cup – Thássia Naves
Bruno Birthday (by the duo Bruno and Marrone)

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